Thursday, August 1 – 5 – 9 PM and Friday, August 2 – 8:30 – 11:30 AM at Endicott College, Beverly, MA

$233 includes all materials, Thursday dinner and lodging, and Friday breakfast.

College coaches look for players who can lead on and off the field. Strengthen your ability to be recruited by attending the program before you hit the field.

For 40 Elite 100 – 2025 and 2026 graduate players, take a deep dive into how you can bring out the best in your leadership and mental game. The High Performing Lacrosse Leader program

will take place before the 2024 Elite 100.

This action packed program combines small and large group sessions and introduces strategies to become a “triple-focused” Leader

Lead through Self-Management and Self-Awareness

- High Performing Lacrosse Leaders become more effective by enhancing their self-awareness and self-regulation. Self-awareness includes understanding your own strengths, blind spots and styles.

Lead through Providing Direction and Empowering Players

- High Performing Lacrosse Leaders become more effective by knowing when to provide direction and when to empower their fellow players. With empathy, trust, and mattering as foundations, you will further develop your playbook of communication skills to provide your fellow teammates with a sense of connection, challenge, and control. In the process you help yourself and your players develop hope, confidence, resilience, and optimism and learn to be grounded in the present moment.

Lead the “Team Dance”

- High Performing Lacrosse Leaders become more effective by enhancing their ability to read and respond to the rhythms and patterns of their teams. In the process, you help your team build collective hope, confidence, resilience, and optimism and provide strategies to sustain a healthy team culture.

As a Lacrosse Leader participant at this program, you will

- Identify your unique Leadership style.

- Leverage your strengths.

- Increase your Passion and Purpose

- Lead under Pressure

- Play Fear-Less

- Be courageous when called upon

- Be Present to Win through learning mindfulness strategies.

- Cultivate Attention in Practice, Games, and off the field.

- Shake off “Stuck Thoughts”

Your Leader – Dr. John Yeager

Drawing on his illustrious lacrosse playing and coaching career and his organizational behavior and mental skills work with athletic, educational, and business organizations, John Yeager’s presentations and training programs have inspired audiences around the United States. As a former elite lacrosse goaltender at the high school, college, and professional levels, he is a member of the Halls of Fame of New England, Eastern Massachusetts, and UMASS Boston/Boston State. He was named one of the top 20 New England lacrosse players of all time by the New England Lacrosse Journal. As the co-author of The Coaching Zone: Next Level Leadership in Sports and author of The Courage Keeper, John is the executive director of The Coaching Zone Initiative and CEO of The Yeager Leadership Group. He was the founder of Peak Goalie camps 30 years ago.